Supervision for Group Leaders

Leading a group is a rewarding and sometimes daunting experience. Being a leader is challenging and sometimes very exposing; there are always more people to see your ‘gaffs’. Supervision can help you become more resourceful as a leader by helping you develop your analytical ability and your sensitivity about group dynamics. Supervision can also help with practical problem solving and with developing more effective interventions.
The content of each supervision session will be determined by the supervisee and it is anticipated that matters raised in sessions will include:

• Theory about group development, dynamics and structure
• Assessment and analysis
• Unconscious processes
• Ethics and boundaries
• Strategies and interventions

Supervision for group leaders can be a one-to-one meeting usually lasting one hour. Alternatively, people who are co-leading a group might have supervision together. Supervision for group leaders may also occur in a small group with a maximum of four participants. Group supervision will normally be for two hours.
The fee will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis taking account of the number of participants and the duration of the meeting.

If you would like to discuss Supervision for Group Leaders further, please Contact Us.