Professional and Clinical Supervision

Professional supervision is a contractual and reflective process which is aimed at enhancing the competence of the practitioner and the safety and well-being of the client. Supervisor and supervisee may discuss matters in a range of topic areas such as; ethical practices, theoretical understanding, strategies for working, relationship dynamics and any other matter affecting the practitioner’s functioning. Professional supervision may be one-to-one or conducted in a small group.
The content of each session is determined by the interests of the supervisee and will be determined at the start of each session.

Supervision sessions involving one supervisee normally last one hour and are held at a time and date suitable for both the supervisor and supervisee. Supervision may also be conducted in small groups up to maximum of four participants meeting for two hours. Supervision sessions will be spaced to suit the needs of supervisees.
The fee for supervision is negotiated on a case by case basis. Usually the fee for group supervision is lower for participants.

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